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Feb 13, 2019 - Protecting Your Trackmobile Investment Made Easy with the Trackmobile Preventive Plus Maintenance Program

Trackmobile is a pioneer in the mobile railcar movers industry. With continuous product development in this industry, they have set a benchmark in the railcar mover industry by selling 10,000 Trackmobiles worldwide. Besides the quality assured engineering and economical efficiency it has to offer, Trackmobile recommends regular maintenance of medium to heavy-duty applications.



If you own a Trackmobile, we got you covered with the Preventive Plus maintenance program. This program entitles you to obtain the following benefits of well-planned support to save you the downtime and cost of ownership:


Regular Monitoring

PM Programs are created specifically for the serialized Rail Car Mover and the application/duty cycle it operates in. PM Programs vary from a semi-annual to monthly frequency to ensure your Trackmobile is kept in reliable, clean and safe operating condition. PM programs are reviewed annually and modified as per a change in the application duty cycle and also guarantees an annual subscription to the Telematics remote monitoring system installed on the unit. To provide you with priority services, our team of experts monitors this system for operational issues and service codes to plan timely site services.


Factory Support

The PM Plus program ensures Trackmobile customers make the most out of this long term partnership with the brand based on trust and exceptional service quality. This is why it enables you access to factory trained technicians to support all your labour and parts pricing requirements.


Lower Pricing and Labour Rates

As compared to the standard hourly rates, you would receive a lower preferred rate of service for all PM and corrective works. This saves you the overhead cost of service at the shop or field with almost by over 12 to 14% rebate on the hourly rate.


Discounted Parts

Irrespective of the part being purchased within the program or outside, you receive discounted  Trackmobile parts pricing. This makes a significant difference as compared to other mobile railcar movers manufacturing services wherein the costs of parts can be very intimidating and exorbitantly high.


Access To Trackmobile Rental

In situations wherein your unit is broken and out of service and you cannot afford to bring your onsite commitments to a halt especially during the busy times, you can avail up to 2 weeks free of charge rental unit per year. This is not only limited to downtimes but just in case you want to take a demo of a new unit, you can take advantage of this offering anytime under your plan.


Periodic Oil Analysis

In order to increase the effectiveness of lubrication and minimize the effects of corrosion and contamination that may lead to the wearing of parts of the unit, regular oil sampling is recommended for all Trackmobile units. Under the PM program, our team collects oil samples every 30000 hours of the transfer case, engine, hydraulics, transmission, and differential.


Defined Service Levels

This program is well designed to accommodate all service tasks based on the level of urgency and requirement. It constitutes of a flat monthly charge that can be adjusted as per usage. At times when an urgent repair is needed, the program entitles you to expedite the process and freight services.


Well Informed and Planned Visits

Now you don’t have to deal with long turn around times for repair services. The dedicated team of technicians make sure you are well informed with a tentative visit schedule, details about the visit and the services in advance. So, you can adjust the availability of the machine ahead in time.


Additional Consultation

Apart from the services outlined and the operational checks in the program, our core focus is to ensure that you don’t have to face issues with the unit time and again. To help you with that, our technicians take an extra mile to advise you with new repairs and perform those services with your prior consent.


Post Service Follow Ups

Follow-ups are necessary for accountability and critical to the credibility of the provider. To promise you appropriate service and satisfaction, under this program we provide a copy of the tasks performed and an overall evaluation report to follow up. This way, you don’t have to worry about past repair history and issues that may arise in the future.


Enrollment in the PM Plus program will not only keep your maintenance concerns at bay but also simplify them.

Gordon Russell is a trusted and an authorized distributor of Trackmobiles in Western Canada offering a variety of repair and preventive maintenance services to ensure your Trackmobiles deliver high performance and reliability. Get in touch with our team to sign up and benefit from this program.

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