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Apr 26, 2019 - Thern Davit Cranes: Captain vs Commander Series (Which is Right For You)

Toughness. Versatility. Reliability.


These three factors are at the top of the agenda when you’re shopping around for davit cranes. As an industrial owner, you’ll know that pulling, positioning and lifting applications within your premises are no easy feat.



Apart from ensuring operator and workspace safety, all applications must be undertaken with precision. This attention to detail streamlines the work and ushers in greater levels of efficiency into each task. As such, the products that you invest in go a long way to inform the success of your operations.


Thern industrial davit cranes are ideal for your business. Thern is a global manufacturer of winches and cranes, and has built a trusted presence over its 70-year lifespan. High-quality solutions that are manufactured to perform under the most challenging temperatures and in the most aggressive environments - this is the promise that Thern exemplifies.


Versatility is crucial and as such, these cranes are ideal for shipping, industrial, manufacturing and military operations.


Davit Cranes

How do cranes work? Mobile cranes travel easily and can lift heavy objects over short distances. These compact cranes are even responsible for transporting the different parts of large tower cranes and piecing them together. Tower cranes remain stationary and can lift heavier loads to even greater heights. A slewing mechanism that sits atop the mast has a gear and motor to enable the rotation of the crane.


That brings us to our next question, namely, what is a davit crane? This refers to a range of cranes that are used in the shipping, manufacturing and industrial world to support, raise and lower equipment into position.


Davit cranes are comprised of an angular beam that pivots over a vertical axis. You can install these cranes as a portable or permanent solution, wherein the booms are fixed or adjustable.


What are davits used for? Davits are suspended arms that emerge from the main portion of the device. For instance, on a ship, a davit crane is responsible for lowering emergency lifeboats to the embarking level so that they can be boarded.


What is the purpose of a jib on a crane? A jib crane is one where a horizontal mechanism is used to support a movable hoist which is affixed to a wall or floor mounted pillar. For added lateral movements, this jib could be constructed to swing through an arc.


Are davit cranes better than jib cranes? By far! A davit crane is better than a jib crane because the installation costs are low owing to the fact that minimal labor and material is required. For instance, a davit crane uses less concrete to anchor the base.


Thern Davit Cranes - Captain Series

These state-of-the-art stationary cranes provide excellent performances in all manner of industrial and manufacturing applications.


Captain 1500

The Captain 1500 is a nifty solution and a surefire boon for heavy-duty applications.  This crane is manufactured to be permanently installed and provides smooth rotations. The operator is able to access an extended height and reach, while still only using 6-inches of the concrete flooring for the crane’s installation.



  • Capable of lifting up to 1,500 pounds or 680 kgs

  • Manual with electric, hydraulic or pneumatic operations

  • Quick-disconnect anchor

  • Rotates 360 degrees

  • Offers design versatility - 5 attractive finishes available

  • 2-year warranty


Captain 2200

Just like its predecessor, Captain 2200 is made to be stationary and offers uninterrupted rotations. It is capable of handling much bigger loads and provides an extended reach and height.



  • Capable of lifting loads up to 2200 pounds or 997 kgs

  • Manual with electric, hydraulic or pneumatic operations

  • Quick-disconnect anchor

  • Allows for hand or power winch operations

  • Hand winch includes top-of-the-line spur gears or worm gears with brakes for better load control

  • Power winch includes 115 volt 1 phase AC electric winch that offers pendant controls and brakes

  • Choose between fixed boom or adjustable boom

  • Smooth 360 rotations (tapered roller bearings are used to rotate the mast and boom)

  • Offers design versatility - 5 attractive finishes available

  • 2-year warranty


Thern Davit Cranes - Commander Series

The Commander series embodies Thern’s largest portable cranes that offer great flexibility and a range of boom lengths and angles.


Commander 1000

The Commander 1000 is a reliable and cost-effective piece of equipment that does a spectacular job. It makes rotation simple and can be easily disassembled to be transported or stored.



  • Capable of bearing loads up to 1200 pounds or 544 kgs

  • Choose between hand winch or power winch operations

  • Phenomenally smooth 360 rotations (uses a sleeve bearing on the base to rotate flawlessly on a pin

  • A base handle allows for rotations to be handled with greater ease

  • Easily disassemble product for transportation and storage

  • Adjustable boom telescopes offer 4 diverse lengths and have adjustable heights

  • Offers electric, hydraulic and pneumatic operations

  • Quick-disconnect anchor

  • Offers design versatility - 5 attractive finishes available

  • 2-year warranty


Commander 2000

The Commander 2000 mimics much of the features and benefits of its predecessor but is capable of bearing much greater loads. This is the biggest and fully portable crane that Thern has to offer. You can bank on superior performances and years of uninterrupted service when you opt for the Commander 2000.



  • Capable of bearing loads up to 2000 pounds or 907 kgs

  • Extended height and reach options, all using only 6 inches of concrete flooring

  • Sturdy and cost-effective

  • Manual or power operated

  • Smooth and uninterrupted 360 rotations that made the work that much quicker

  • Easily portable

  • No extra tools required to assemble or disassemble

  • 5 corrosion proof finishes that are just as attractive

  • Choose from a wide range of bases

  • 2-year warranty


Thern Cranes Are the Safest Solutions to Get the Job Done Right!

Both the Captain and Commander Series offer uninterrupted performances and can withstand immense loads. If you’re still unsure about which crane is ideal for your operations, we can help!


Gordon Russell has a proven track record for providing customers with cost-effective and superior products that never let them down. It’s time to get the most out of your operations.


Contact our team to find the right product for you!

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