Introduced in 2006, TITAN was designed for applications with higher duty cycle requirements. It is engineered to conquer challenging rail conditions while an ergonomically designed cab offers enhanced operator comofrt. TITAN's split pivoting mainframe is linked by an oscillating bearing that pivots uo to 10° to assure 4-wheel rail contact at all times and extends axle life. For a 15% tractive effort boost, TITAN can also be ordered with the AD-TRAC™ option.


Standard Features

  • CAN-Bus Control System with On-board Diagnostics

  • Ultraview 7" Color Touch Screen Display

  • Safe-T-Vue™ 360° Visibility and Railing Display

  • Ergonomic Air Ride, High Back 180° Swivel Seat

  • Joystick and Armrest Controls

  • Neutral Braking

  • Programmed Throttle Control

  • Auotmatic / Manual Power-Shift Transmission

  • 100 CFM Rotary Screw Air Compressor

  • In-Cab Front and Rear Train Air Valves

  • Incremental Train Air Brake Controller

  • Train Air Hold Button

  • Steel Railwheels

  • Accessible External Disc Brakes

  • Impact Sensor/Recorder

  • LED head lighting, strobes, and work lighting

Safety is at the forefront of all Trackmobile engineering designs. In addition to slip-resistant surfaces, abundant lighting, and crossover decks with steel bar tread ladders, Hercules also offers these standard and optional* safety features:

  • FREE** Seat in a rail safety training class 
  • Patent Pending Safe-T-Vue™ 360° System
  • Ramped Throttle Control - Quick and Slow
  • Telematics Remote Monitoring & Diagnostics
  • Rear Coupler Camera
  • Electronic Speed Control
  • Neutral Braking
  • Hydraulic Lock-Out
  • GPS Positioning Capabilities
  • Train Air Charge Indicator *
  • Max-Trac - Automatic Traction Control System *
  • Remote Control System *
  • Max-Tran Automatic Weight Transfer System *
  • Vigilance Control *

*Feature is an option **With authorization code provided in newly manufactured Trackmobile models


Maximum Tractive Effort

Double Couled*

49,467 lbf. [22,438 kg]

Single Coupled*

33,116 lbf. [15,021 kg]

Dimensions / Performance

On Rail On Road
Wheel Base 149.3" [3,792.22 mm] 82.5" [2,095.5 mm]
Rail & Road Clearance** 4.5" [114.3 mm] 11.5" [292.1 mm]
Rail & Road Height*** 158.1" [4,015.7 mm] 170.9" [4,340.9 mm]
Length 201" [5,105 mm]
Width 126.3" [3,208 mm]1
Weight 50,850 lbs. [23,065 kg]
Rail Gauge**** AAR Standard 56.5" [1,435 mm]
Centerline to Cab Side 65.16" [ 1,655 mm]
Centerline to Non-Cab Side 61.13" [1,553 mm]
Cab Interior Cubic Feet 199 cu. ft.
Road Turning Radius
Inside Tire 17'10" [5.3m]
Outside Tire 25' 7" [7.6m]
Outside Clearance 29' 7" [8.5m]
Speeds (Forward & Reverse)*****
Low 2.4 MPH [3.9 km/h] 1.5 MPH [2.4 km/h]
2nd Gear 4.0 MPH [6.4 km/h] 2.5 MPH [4.0 km/h]
3rd Gear 8.0 MPH [12.8 km/h] 5.1 MPH [8.2 km/h]
4th Gear 13.6 MPH [21.9 km/h] 8.7 MPH [14.0 km/h]
Cummins Electronic Turbo-Charged Diesel Engine QSB - 6.7 Liter
EPA Tier III EU Stage III A Emissions OPTIONAL2
Configuration 6 Cylinder Inline
Valves Per Cylinder 4
Engine Displacement Tier IV 408 in3 [6.75 Liters]
Horsepower Tier IV 260 hp [194 kW] @ 2500 rpm
Maximum Torque Tier IV 550 lb-ft [746 N-m] @ 1500 rpm
  Note- Machine width includes additional 3" taken inconsideration for Safe-T-Vue cameras located on exterior of cab and engine side hand rail.
  Note 2 - EPA Tier III EU Stage III A Emissions engines are no longer manufactured in Trackmobiles for sale in the US and Canada after 12/31/18.
  Note3 - DO NOT use ether starting fluid.
  * Depending on weight package option, actual tractive effort may vary with rail and weather conditions.
  ** Rail clearance on the Titan is reduced 1" by a rotor cove rplate that extends 3" toward the center of the machine, beyond each railwheel.
  *** For shipping purposes, add 1.5" (38 mm) to rail height for a 2 x 4 block under wheel tread and subtract 4" for closed rain cover on exhaust stack and 2" for deflated airbags. Additional variations may occur due to options selected.
  ****Rail Gauges available in various sizes, speak to a Gordon Russell Trackmobile Expert regarding the gauge best suited for your line. 
  ***** Actual speeds obtained will depend on grade, load, altitude, and other factors.  


















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