4600TM - C6673

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Trackmobile 4600TM

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Rail Wheels
  • 30" (762 mm) diameter, heat treated cast steel. Tapered tread contour to Association of American Railroad (AAR) specification. 
Road Wheels
  • 12.00 x 20, 16 ply mine service tires on heavy-duty retractable suspension. 
Rail Drive
  • Through torque converter, transmission, and transfer case, to no-spin differentials and planetary axle assemblies. 
Road Drive
  • Interlocking lug drive from rail axle drive hubs to tire tread. Automatically disengages while in rail operation. 
Power Steering
  • Hydraulically powered, construction equipment type linkage and spindles. 
Hydraulic System
  • Constant pressure system with engine running to provide maximum traction and braking ability, and to prevent settling when in road/railwheel mode. Direct-connected variable displacement, pressure-compensating, piston pump. 
  • Two heavy-duty all steel, TRACKMOBILE pioneered weight transfer design. Positive coupling ensured to railcars with AAR contour coupler. Hydraulic remote control from cab for easy coupling. Air actuated knuckle release. Coupler center-position indicator. 
  • Patented MAX-TRAN automatic coupler weight-transfer system as standard equipment. 
  • Air operated. Eight sanders -- two for each railwheel, front and rear. 
  • Front and rear tail/stop lights. Halogen front and rear lights for night operation, either on road or rail. Track mounting light for placing unit on rail at night. 
Operator Cab
  • Full width, panoramic-view, ergonomically designed cab, cockpit, and controls. Dual­directional for rail operation with positive-locking, computer terminal style pivoting instrument control console. Large access doors. Cab and body frame isolation mounts and cab sound conditioning. Automotive-style hot air defroster, heavy duty cab heater, 4 windshield wipers. 
Warning Signal
  • Blast type air horn, automatic back-up alarm for road operation. 


4 Stroke-Cycle-Diesel
Configuration I-6
Engine Displacement  6.6L
Horsepower   205 hp @ 2,400 rpm
Maximum Torque   

Maximum Tractive Effort

Double Coupled*

46,000 lbs. [20,865 kg]

Single Coupled*

31,000 lbs. [14,061 kg]

Dimensions / Performance

On Rail

On Road

Wheel Base 133" [3,378 mm] 72.5" [1,842 mm]
Rail & Road Height 152.5" [3,874 mm] 160" [4,064 mm]
Length 184" [4,674 mm]
Width 117" [2,972 mm]
Weight 44,500 lbs. [20,185 kg]
Rail Gauge**** AAR Standard 56.5" [1,435 mm]

Speeds (Forward & Reverse)*Actual speeds obtained will depend on grade, load, altitude. and other factors.*

Low 3 MPH [4.8 km/h] 1.6 MPH [2.6 km/h]
2nd 6.2 MPH [9.9 km/h] 3.5 MPH [5.6 km/h]
3rd 10.7 MPH [17.2 km/h] 5.9 MPH [9.5 km/h]
4th 18.3 MPH [29.4 km/h] 10.2 MPH [16.4 km/h]

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