4000TM - C6680

Railcar Mover Information


Trackmobile 4000TM

Year Manufactured:


Unit Number:


Equipment Features

Upgraded with Cummins Repower in 2016


  • Heavy-duty, all welded from preformed steel plate and structural shapes. 
Torque Converter: 
  • 3.09 to 1 torque multiplication ratio. 
Transmission & Drop Case: 
  • Constant mesh spur gearing, Forward and Reverse power shifted. 
Rail Wheel Gear Case: 
  • Heavy duty hardened alloy steel spur gears. Oil bath lubrication. 
  • 18" (457 mm) diameter disc air over hydraulic power actuated, on all 4 rail wheels. Drum and shoe on road wheels. 
Rail Wheels: 
  • 27 in. (685 mm) diameter, heat-treated, cast steel. 
Road Wheels: 
  • Rock service tires, heavy-duty retractable suspension. 14 ply 9.00 x 20 tires. 
Rail Drive: 
  • Through transmission and transfer gear housing and planetary no spin type differential axle assembly. 
Road Drive: 
  • Interlocking lug drive from rail axle driving drums. 
Power Steering: 
  • Industrial type linkage and spindles. 
Hydraulic System: 
  • Constant pressure system with engine running to ensure maximum traction and braking ability and to prevent settling when in road/rail wheel mode. Direct connected variable displacement pressure compensated pump. 
  • Two heavy duty, cast steel, TRACKMOBILE pioneered weight transfer design. Positive coupling ensured to railcars with AAR contour. Hydraulic remote control from cab for easy coupling. Air cylinder knuckle release. 
  • Eight air operated, built into body frame. Sanding on all rail wheels. 
  • Forward and rear tail/stop lights. Halogen front and rear lights for night operation, either on road or rail. Track mounting light for placing unit on rail at night. 
Operator Cab: 
  • Driver conditioned, totally enclosed and sound insulated cab; easy to use instruments and controls; 180° two-way seat; 3600 clear vision; electric windshield wipers; heater and defroster fan. 
Warning Signal: 
  • Air horn and automatic road back-up horn. 

Engine Specifications

Cummins 4BT 3.9
Configuration DR311RX
Valves Per Cylinder 2
Engine Displacement   
Horsepower  112HP@2300RPM
Maximum Torque   

Maximum Tractive Effort

Double Coupled*

40,000 lbs. [18,144 kg]

Single Coupled*

25,000 lbs. [11,340 kg]

Dimensions / Performance

On Rail

On Road

Wheel Base 121" [3,073 mm] 59" [1,499 mm]
Rail & Road Height 135" [3,429 mm] 143" [3,632 mm]
Length 153" [3,886 mm]
Width 114" [2,896 mm]
Weight 29,000 lbs. [13,154 kg]
Rail Gauge AAR Standard 56.5" [1,435 mm]

Speeds (Forward & Reverse) *Actual speeds obtained will depend on grade, load, altitude. and other factors*

1st 2.4 MPH [3.8 km/h] 1.5 MPH [2.4 km/h]
2nd 4.0 MPH [6.4 km/h] 2.5 MPH [4.0 km/h]
3rd 7.9 MPH [12.7 km/h] 4.8 MPH [7.7 km/h]
4th 13.1 MPH [21.1 km/h] 7.9 MPH [12.7 km/h]

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