Worm Gear - up to 4,600 lbs


up to 4,600 lbs capacity

The Worm Gear Series of hand winches (up to 4,600 lbs) is designed to lift and lower heavy loads quietly, with less effort. The worm-gear design allows for more precise positioning and extra load-holding power for secure control. Machine-cut bronze gearing and a cast aluminum gearbox enhance durability and resist the elements. Multiple configurations make it ideal for maritime, rail yards, construction, and manufacturing. 


Adjustable Handle

  • Adjustable handle provides ability to increase mechanical advantage or speed accordingly as load weight varies

Machine-Cut Bronze Gears

  • Bronze worm gears reduce noise, enhance precision, and extend service life while facilitating drill-drivable operation*

Flexible Operation Design

  • Operate winch using adjustable handle or portable drill-drive on 4WM2 and 2W40-BM models for longer lift applications that lack a permanent power supply
  • Drill drive operation* allows faster lifting/lowering speed  (400 RPM Drive Maximum)

Enclosed Oil Bath

  • An oil bath provides continuous lubrication of gearbox components to minimize wear, extend life, and reduce maintenance

Cast-Aluminum Gear Box

  • Lightweight, corrosion-resistant design enhances portability and increases service life

Large-Diameter Drum

  • Large diameter drum extends wire rope life and increases travel distance

Load-Locking Mechanism

  • Frame-based, gear-locking mechanism enhances load control

Automatic Brake

  • Adjustable brake provides positive load control for lifting/lowering
  • Oil bath provides continuous lubrication to reduce heat, minimize wear, and extend service life



Load Rating Brake Drum Capacity Force to Lift 1,000 lbs
4622PB 1,000 lbs Yes 140 ft 26 lbs
4WM2 2,000 lbs Yes 77 ft 14 lbs
2W40-BM 4,600 lbs Yes 200 ft 11 lbs



Load Rating Brake Drum Capacity Force to Lift 1,000 lbs
4622PB 450 kg Yes 42 m 12 kg
4WM2 905 kg Yes 23 m 7 kg
2W40-BM 2,085 kg Yes 60 m 5 kg

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