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Protect Your Equipment

by employing a duty-cycle and machine-specific preventative maintenance plan designed to: 

  • IMPROVE equipment reliability and longevity
  • PROMOTE safety and mitigate risk
  • PREVENT expensive repair bills
  • RAISE resale value
  • INCREASE efficiency and uptime
  • PREDICT the life-cycle of your asset
  • COMPLY with legislation
  • REDUCE the total cost of ownership


Preventative Maintenance +

programs are designed to deliver cost savings over a standard routine maintenance plan by offering our customers unique benefits:

  • PREFERRED pricing on parts
  • WARRANTY on service 
  • PRIORITY ACCESS to rental units
  • DISCOUNTED labor rates
  • OIL SAMPLING and predictive analysis
  • TRAINING for equipment operators



Improper Maintainence

and operation of your equipment is responsible for:

  • 43% of mechanical failures
  • 70% of equipment failures
  • DAMAGED equipment and property
  • CATASTROPHIC failures
  • 54% of bearing and seal failures
  • 10-12% increase in fuel costs
  • EXCESSIVE unplanned downtime
  • UNDUE replacement of railwheels


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