Kito LX | Mini Lever Hoist

Small is the new huge.

Don’t be fooled by its award winning pocket-sized design: The LX is no lightweight. Its robust aluminum housing, tip-supported hook latches and heat-treated gears make this a tiny, high-performance hoist. Its extreme precision placement can position a load exactly where you want it. The 1/4t model weighs only 4 lbs, making it ideal for work in tight quarters or elevated locations.


Tough Aluminum Body and Steel Frame

Its lightweight and extremely compact aluminum body make the LX your ideal tool for elevated or difficult-to-reach places. Tools aren’t always treated with the respect they deserve, which is why the durable steel frame provides long-lasting, high-strength support.


A top choice for contracting or millwright professionals who need a precision placement tool that will lift, hold or tension a load to within millimetre accuracy. The LX requires very low force to lift loads and provides unmatched positioning capabilities when you need it most.

Quick Free-Chain and Hook Positioning

Hook positioning is simple and safe with the integrated 2 step free-chain mechanism on the LX. You can easily switch from up or down mode to release the load from the hook and reposition in seconds.

Abrasion and Corrosion-Resistant Load Chain

The standard grade 100 Nickel-Plated Chain on the LX is designed to stand up to abrasion and corrosion, which keeps your hoist working when you need it. It also withstands corrosive environments where damp air, steam and many acidic and alkaline solutions are prevalent

Award-Winning Pocket-Sized Design

Recognized and awarded for its pocket-sized design, the LX Mini Lever hoist is the go-to tool when you’re looking for a mini lever hoist with a proven performance record. Take this hoist anywhere with its convenient carrying case with belt attachment.




  • ¼ to ½ metric tonnes


  • ASME B30.21 Safety Standard
  • ASME HST-3 Performance Standard
  • At rated capacity, load bearing parts are stressed to 25% of their limit


  • A carrying case can be attached to your belt for added convenience (LX003-5)
  • Lift lengths can be customized to suit requirements


  • Durable die cast aluminum
  • Steel internal frame
  • Extremely compact, lightweight, and portable. Designed for use in tight spaces


  • Forged, heat-treated alloy steel hooks open gradually, without fracturing under excessive load
  • Top and bottom hooks equipped with self-closing heavy-duty hook latch
  • Top and bottom hooks rotate 360 degrees


  • Abrasion and corrosion-resistant nickel-plated finish
  • Grade 100 heat-treated
  • Standard Lift: 5 feet


  • Weston-style load brake
  • Enclosed to protect from dust, rain, and dirt


  • Sealed gears and brake are protected against damage from dust and water


  • 360 degree handle rotation
  • Rubber handle grip for non-slip operation
  • Patented spring-loaded freewheel mechanism for easy adjustment of the load-chain and protection against accidental freewheeling under load
  • Single-step reduction gearing for precision placement to within 1 mm
  • Induction heat-treated and case-hardened


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