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It’s easy to manage clutch and brake service for light starting loads with Eaton Airflex EB element assemblies. Although similar in design to CB assemblies, Eaton EB units expand, allowing them to behave as centrifugal clutches. They exhibit the same torsional resilient principle made possible by transmitting power through the sidewalls of the neoprene and cord actuating tube, which is so flexible it even permits minor shaft misalignment.


  • EB elements are suited for slow speed applications having moderate starting and stopping load
  • EB elements are used as slip clutches and tension brakes for lighter torque and horsepower applications.
  • Torque Capacities* Up To: 98,580 lb·in, 11.130 N·m
  • Typical Applications: Centrifuges, core expanders, laundry machines, textile machines, tire building machines
  • Standard Sizes: 4EB125, 6EB200, 8EB250, 9EB325, 10EB300, 12EB350, 14EB400, 16EB475, 19EB475, 21.5EB475, 24EB475
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