Ballast Box

The Ballast Box accessory provides a similar tractive effort to double coupling, while maintaining an unobstructed operator view during operation. The ruggedly built and patented Ballast Box has an empty weight of 4,500 lbs. and offers 89.2 cu. ft. interior capacity to carry up to an additional 30,500 lbs. for a total of 35,000 pounds. In use, the Ballast Box increases tractive effort 30-90%.*

• Maintains unobstructed operator view during operation
• Provides 90% more tractive effort where weight transfer is not possible
• Increases tractive effort more than 30% more than single coupling alone

*Based on 30% more than single coupled with weight transfer and 90% of single coupled where weight transfer is not possible and box fill comprised of 30,500 lbs. of steel materials, allowing maximum Ballast Box weight up to an additional 35,000 lbs..

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