Caliper Brake DP


Featuring opposed piston designs for balanced braking, Eaton Airflex Type DP calipers are ideal for most stopping and light-tensioning applications—conveyors, railroad maintenance equipment, mining vehicle brakes, flywheel brakes, tension brakes and more. With a symmetrical split construction that accommodates discs of any thickness and permits mounting from either side or at the split line, Eaton Airflex Type DP calipers are flexible enough to meet the requirements of many applications.


  • Automatic adjustment mechanism compensates for lining wear and maintains constant release clearance and response time
  • Frictional force capacities per caliper are available up to 2,540 lb-in (11,300 N-m)
  • Available in two standards sizes: 225DP100, 220DPA
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Installation, Operations and Maintenance Manual   225DP100   887.05 Kb   View   Download
Catalogue   Airflex Caliper Disc Brakes   818.88 Kb   View   Download

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