Electro Overhead Magnets

Self-Cleaning Continuous Removal

A belt travels continuously around the body of the magnet to discharge ferrous metals. Recovered metal objects are removed automatically from the magnetic zone. These powerful separators come equipped with a tough, vulcanized rubber belt with 1" cleats to continuously remove metal from the product stream (3" cleats available for material recycling facilities).

Severe Duty

This rugged version of the overhead magnet is designed for severe-duty applications such as recycling concrete, pallets, and construction and demolition debris. The armor-clad Durabelt prolongs belt life in applications with sharpedged steel or with frequent impact from large quantities of ferrous. Full-width metal cladding is available as an option for crossbelt applications.


If tramp metal is an occasional problem, then a stationary magnet is the right choice. Just suspend it over the conveyor or over the head pulley. When the magnet surface starts to fill up, swing the magnet away from the conveyor and cut the power to release the attracted metal. Then swing the magnet back over the conveyor or head pulley. Each Dings stationary overhead magnet is constructed from continuously welded stainless steel bottom plate, steel side plates and backplate. With no moving parts, there is nothing to lubricate, tighten or replace. You'll also find it easy to install your Dings magnet. It comes complete with a convenient 3 point suspension system consisting of two cables and one turnbuckle connected to a common bull ring. To change the suspension angle, simply adjust the turnbuckle. There's no measuring, shortening, lengthening or cutting of cable.

Electromagnetic Rectifiers


 All electromagnetics require a steady DC current.  Dings rectifiers are specifically designed to transform the alternating current from your local power source to the necessary direct current.



  • DC output wattage up to 50 KW to match separator requirements
  • No maintenance solid state silicon diode design
  • Excellent voltage regulation - within 3.5% from no load to full load
  • Overload capacity for short infrequent periods
  • Hinged door cabinet for easy access
  • Available in your choice of enclosures: NEMA12, 4, 4XSS, or 9

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