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For lifting applications in food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries—where maintaining a pristine environment is critical—the FER food-grade electric chain hoist is the one to choose. FDA approved food-grade lubricants used on the load chain and in the gearbox are NSF H1 compliant for safe use in any facility where incidental contact with product is a concern. The standard model also features white epoxy paint, stainless steel /nickel-plated hardware and a nickel-plated load chain, making the FER the perfect choice for contaminant-controlled or corrosive processing environments.


Corrosion-Resistant Nickel-Plated Load Chain

The standard grade 80 nickel-plated load chain on Kito’s electric food-grade hoist is engineered to stand up to corrosion in environments where damp air or steam are prevalent.

Chip-Resistant Epoxy Paint

Avoid contaminants from your lifting equipment. The white, chip-resistant epoxy paint on the FER hoist body protects you from debris that could contaminate your processing facility.

Chip-Resistant Bottom Hook

Since the bottom hook can come into direct contact with products, food-grade features like the chip-resistant paint on the bottom hook of the FER are designed to resist potential contamination from flaking and chipping.

FDA Approved Food-Safe Oil, Grease and Lubricants

Pharmaceutical, beverage, and food-associated processing plants require equipment that uses non-toxic lubrication. That’s why the FER hoist gives you and FDA approved NSF H1 compliant grease and oil on the load chain and in the gearbox.

Stainless Steel and Nickel-Plated Components

The standard food-grade features on the FER include stainless steel and nickel-plated hardware that won’t rust or corrode.





  • ½ to 2 metric tonnes
  • Single Speed, Adjustable 2-speed (220/440 volt), or Dual Speed (575 volt)
  • CSA approved
  • ASME B30.16
  • ASME H4
  • IP55 dust-tight and watertight
  • Slip clutch to protect the hoist against over travel and overload damage
  • Food grade oil in gear box
  • Food grade grease on load chain
  • White epoxy paint for hoists, trolleys, hooks, and suspenders
  • Nickel-plated load chain
  • Stainless steel and nickel-plated hardware
  • White Epoxy Bottom Hook
  • Stainless Steel Hook Latch
  • Corrosion Resistant Hook Kit
  • Corrosion Resistant Trolley Kit
  • Nickel-plated suspension shaft and suspender
  • Stainless steel bottom hook, trolley wheels, side guide rollers, chain container, chain spring, limiting plate, and cushion rubber
  • Stainless Steel Chain Container
  • Protective silicone pendant cover
  • Die cast aluminum frame
  • Completely sealed body for protection from the environment
  • Low headroom profile
  • Grade 80
  • High-performance nickel-plated load chain, with unique short link pitch for greater resistance to fatigue and wear
  • FDA approved oil
  • Forged carbon steel opens gradually without fracturing under excessive loads
  • Bottom hook swivels 360 degrees
  • Self-closing top and bottom hooks with heavy-duty hook latch
  • Impact-resistant plastic with molded strain relief to prevent damage from pulling on the push button cord cord
  • IP65 dust-tight and watertight
  • DC current electromagnetic brake stays engaged until powered (Industry leading 10 year warranty)
  • Minimum brake torque of 200% at full load
  • Three phase
  • Standard Voltage: 220/440/575 volts
  • Hertz: 60 hertz
  • Class B
  • Totally enclosed, fan-cooled (TEFC) squirrel cage
  • FDA approved oil
  • Friction clutch located in the gearbox between motor and load gear prevents damage to hoist in the event of excessive overloading
  • Recommended for -20˚ to +40˚ C and humidity of 85% or lower
  • Control Voltage: 110 volts
  • Located on one central electrical panel
  • Simple to operate plug-in connectors
  • VFD: Adjustable, dual-speed, under-the-cover VFD (220 and 440 volt dual speed models)
  • Limit switch disables controls when load block reaches upper or lower travel limit


Type File Size
Data Sheet   FER - Single Speed 220V, 440V, 575V - Hook Mount   340 Kb   View   Download
Data Sheet   FER - Dual Speed 575V - Hook Mount   277.89 Kb   View   Download
Data Sheet   FER - Adjustable 2-Speed (VFD) 220V, 440V - Hook Mount   312.64 Kb   View   Download
Data Sheet   FER - Single Speed 220V, 440V, 575V - Motorized Trolley   277.84 Kb   View   Download
Data Sheet   FER - Dual Speed 575V - Motorized Trolley   277.7 Kb   View   Download
Data Sheet   FER - Adjustable 2-Speed (VFD) 220V 440V - Motorized Trolley   333.17 Kb   View   Download
Data Sheet   FER - Dual Speed 575V - Dual Speed Motorized Trolley   276.86 Kb   View   Download

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