CRAB 2100 E


Maximum Drawbar Pull

5,850 lbf (26 kN)



11,460 lbs (5.7 US t)


Dimensions LxWxH

113.4”x80.7”x95.8” (2880 mm x 2050 mm x 2435 mm)


Unloaded Rail Speed

4.3 mph (7 km/h)


Rail Speed at Max Load

1.2 mph (3 km/h)


Standard Gauge

56.5” (1435 mm)



  • 80V 625Ah (40 cells - 2V per cell)

  • On board battery charger with UL/CSA certified plug

  • 80V, 75A charging unit

  • Centralized battery filling system with visual floater indicating battery fluid level

  • Typical battery recharging time:  Approximately 8 hrs with 480V power source

Cabin and Driver Seat

  • Heavy duty, insulated cabin with two lockable doors and full visibility from driver seat

  • Adjustable driver seat with safety belt

  • Windows on the cabin floor with dedicated lights for ease positioning the machine on rail

  • Cabin heater with temperature control dial

Rail Mode Performances

  • Motor - 12 kW 80V - AC Brushless motor

  • Large 20.4”(520 mm) diameter rail wheels with steel guidance flange and replaceable high traction rolling surface

  • Hydraulic system for switching between road and rail mode

  • Machine operates onboard cabin

Road Mode Performances

  • Motor - 7.5 kW 80V - AC Brushless motor

  • Three (3) wheels - traction drive on front wheel and two free-wheels in back for ease of movement

  • Shock absorbed by precharged nitrogen accumulators

  • Hydraulic power steering type on front wheel

  • Tight turning radius

Options & Add-ons

  • Coupler based on customer requirements

  • Hydraulic or manual slide for coupler height adjustment

  • Different rail gauge measures

  • Rail track short-circuiting signaling system

  • Interlock safety remote control system for Wheel Truing Machine

  • Photocell safety barrier - automatically stops machine in defined positions

  • Pin type connectors

  • Electric winch for coupler lifting

  • Rubber buffers

  • Distance proximity sensors with acoustic function (Rail mode)

  • LED working lights

  • Operator platform with side safety arms

Traction Control System

  • Governed by a programmable micro PLC and high efficiency inverters

Instrument Panel

  • User-friendly multifunctional panel with emergency recovery buttons

Safety Devices

  • Equipped with red and white directional movement signaling lights during rail mode

  • Horn

  • Automatic alarm while moving in road mode

  • Orange beacon light

  • Exterior emergency stop buttons

  • Hand brake activation in case of low oil pressure in the braking system

  • Emergency braking system in case of failure

  • Safety system to prevent unit from switching on during recharge

  • Safety system to prevent sudden direction charge during operation

Braking System

Rail mode

  • Fully proportional hydraulic powerbrake system

  • Parking/Emergency brake - Spring applied hydraulic pressure released

Road mode

  • Drum type brakes with independent hydraulic circuit brake

  • Parking - Spring applied hydraulic pressure released

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