LOK 5.5 E - MPV


The MPV E is a multi-purpose vehicle with a full cab, two side doors, guide wheel system, and two electric motors.  The versatile flatbed behind the operator’s cab can be fitted with numerous available options including; bedsides for hauling, a crane, and toolbox for maintenance operations.


The LOK E 5.5 MPV is perfect for maintenance of way operations with a maximum charging time of approximately 8 hours and a top speed of 13 MPH.


LOK 5.5 E - MPV


56.5” (1435 mm)


157.5” x 78.7” x 103.5”  (4000 x 2000 x 2630 mm)

MAX DRAWBAR PULL (Tractive Effort):

5,850 lbf. (26 kN)

8,100 lbf. (36 kN)


18,740 lbs. (9.4 US t)

26,460 lbs.  (13.2 US t)


13 mph (21 Km/h)

13 mph (21 Km/h)




  • 80V 500Ah x 2 (40 cells - 2V per cell)
  • On board battery charger with UL/CSA certified plug
    -    80V, 120A charging unit
  • Centralized battery filling system with visual floater indicating battery fluid level
  • Typical battery recharging time:  Approximately 8 hrs with 480V power source

Cabin and Driver Seat

  • Steel cabin with side doors; driver and passenger seat.

  • Adjustable driver seat with safety belt

  • Cabin heater with temperature control dial

Rail & Rode Mode Performances

  • Motor - 35 kW x 1, 80V - AC Brushless motor
  • Max speed unloaded: 13 mph (21 Km/h)
  • Hydraulic power steering type on front wheels / pump motor steering oil 3 kW
  • Suspension front and rear with semi-elliptic 4” wide leaf springs
  • Pneumatic tires size 45/70 R 19.5
  • Front and rear heavy duty railway axle with hydraulic pump motor 3kW


  • Various couplers available based on customer requirements

  • Hydraulic or manual slide for coupler height adjustment

  • Pneumatic train air braking system with a 54 CFM compressor and electric motor

  • Different rail gauges available

  • Rail track short-circuiting signaling system

  • Photocell safety barrier - automatically stops machine in defined positions

  • Hybrid pack

  • Distance proximity sensors with acoustic function (Rail mode)

  • LED working lights

  • Air conditioning system

  • Arctic pack for cold environment

  • Rescue, recovery and re-railing kit

  • On-board generator

  • Cameras and full-color display for easily positioning the machine on rail

  • Tool box

  • Crane with 180-degree rotation with different load capacity

  • Rear metal box (fast removal)

On-board Transformer & Chargers

  • On-board charger for each battery; eliminates need for free-standing charger installations.
  • Multi-tap transformer with service for 230V (220V), 400V, 440V, and 480V.

Safety Devices

  • Equipped with red and white directional movement signaling lights during rail mode

  • Horn

  • Orange beacon light

  • Exterior emergency stop buttons

  • Hand brake activation in case of low oil pressure in the braking system

  • Emergency braking system in case of failure

  • Safety system to prevent sudden direction change during operation

  • Safety system to prevent unit from switching on during recharge

Machine Brakes

Road & Rail Mode

  • Fully proportional hydraulic power-brake system, 2 independent circuits, one on the front and one on the rear axle, with hydraulic pump 1.5 kW
  • Parking/Emergency brake mechanical type with negative acting antagonist spring, working on an independent disc assembled on the transmission.


Lift Points

  • Equipped with four RUD lifting eyes for transport. Each changes color when exposed to excessive stresses.

Instrument Panel

  • User-friendly multi-functional panel

Committed to Sustainability


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