Kito LB-SC | Lever Hoist w/Slip Clutch

Protect your people and your investment.

With all the benefits of the standard Kito LB and also equipped with an integrated slip clutch, the LB-SC is guaranteed to help prevent injuries or damages on the job site. The slip clutch engagement is smooth and seamless with no erratic motion to make sure the load remains steady while lifting. Your people are safer and your hoist lasts longer with less down time for maintenance. That’s why the LB-SC is increasingly becoming the trusted choice for heavy industry.




Protecting the hoist and operator are essential. The unique slip clutch on the LB will engage when an excessive overload is detected keeping the load stationary and secure regardless of any additional hand force applied.

Safety Tip Hook and Latch

Taking a hoist off-duty because of a damaged or broken hook latch is unacceptable. That’s why the LB-SC latch was specifically designed to protect it from damage. The notch on the end of the latch is engineered to engage the tip of the hook to protect against lateral impact damage. The latch is also constructed of heavy gauge steel and secured by a widened anchor at the base to increase its rigidity.

State-Of-The-Art Chain Technology

Kito has successfully established a world-renowned reputation for manufacturing a lighter-weight, ultra-strong, high-performance load chain. What’s more, the LB Grade 100 chain uses a shorter and narrower link profile for greater surface area contact, which improves wear resistance and overall tensile strength.

Structural Steel Side Plates

Regionalized heat-treated side plates provide extreme rigidity to maintain proper body shape and operational efficiency, no matter what the load is. This heat treatment process also prevents abrasion to the load chain during contact with the side plates. This functionality is another example of how Kito is committed to keeping the LB-SC working longer.




  • ¾ to 9 metric tonnes
  • ASME B30.21 Safety Standard
  • ASME HST-3 Performance Standard
  • At rated capacity, load-bearing parts are only stressed to 25% of their limit
  • Top hook extender
  • Shipyard hook
  • Inspection hook
  • Black chain for heavy welding applications
  • Custom lift lengths to suit your requirements
  • The slip clutch engages when an excessive overload is detected
  • The load remains stationary and secure regardless of any additional hand force applied
  • This function stops the hoist from overloading and protects the hoist and operator from damage
  • Rugged, high-impact stamped steel housing
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Open design for easy inspection and cleaning without dismantling the unit
  • Forged, heat-treated alloy steel hooks open gradually without fracturing under excessive load
  • Top and bottom hooks are equipped with self-closing heavy duty hook latches
  • Top and bottom hooks rotate 360 degrees
  • 360-degree handle rotation
  • Rubber grip handle for non-slip operation
  • Operate in close quarters with 15-degree recovery stroke
  • Patented spring-loaded freewheel mechanism for easy adjustment of the load chain and protection against accidental freewheeling under load
  • Highly durable, split-load double reduction gears
  • Induction heat-treated and case-hardened
  • Enclosed to protect from dust and water
  • Nickel plated as standard
  • Grade 100 heat-treated
  • Link Pitch: 2.8D
  • Standard Lift: 5 feet
  • Protective guard around the chain pin for enhanced safety
  • Weston-style load brake with four braking surfaces, two brake pads and two brake pawls for added safety
  • Five-star thread on brake ensures a level braking surface to ease load break-out


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