Holds true every time.

Kito’s UBC can be used as a temporary anchor point or as a below-the-hook device. You’ll have peace of mind knowing the secure clamp uses proven, lock-nut protection to rule out loosening due to vibrations. Safe and functional, the UBC is also designed with a wide adjustable-jaw opening and both a left- and right-hand clamp screw for quick operation.


Temporary or Semi-Permanent Anchor Point

Kito's UBC Universal Beam Clamp is the perfect accessory when a temporary or semi-permanent hoist anchor point is required.

Below-The-Hook Flexibility

The UBC adjustable beam clamp offers a cost-effective method for most work-holding and positioning applications, and can also be used as a below-the-hook lifting attachment.

Locknuts That Stay Tight

Designed for added safety and to resist loosening, the UBC’s locknut protection feature keeps things tight.

Designed for Low Headroom

Take advantage of low headroom in your application with a built-in suspension pin.

Wide-Jaw Opening

Install the UBC beam clamp onto any beam, including tapered or flat-flanged, to create a strong and safe hoist mount. For industrial, construction, rigging or holding, the UBC beam clamp can do it all.




  • 1, 2, 3, 5 and 10 metric tonnes
  • ASME B30.20 Safety Standard
  • Meets ASME BTH-1
  • Each clamp is individually serialized and load tested (test certificates included)
  • Suspender for perpendicular mounting and over-sized hooks
  • Solid Steel, lightweight portable frame
  • Built-in suspension pin for low headroom
  • Jaw opening adjusts for a wide range of tapered or flat flanged beams
  • Left and right-hand clamp screw allows for a quick clamping and unclamping
  • For use with manual and powered hoists
  • Lock nut feature resists loosening to improve secure clamping
  • Built-in suspension pin for low headroom
  • Industrial and construction lifting applications
  • Overhead lifting and vertical rigging operations
  • Holding and positioning beams for construction
  • Below the hook holding device


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