LOK 16.150 E / 22.150 E

LOK 16.150 E / 22.150 E

The all new electric “LOCOTRACTOR” model LOK E is a rail/road electric vehicle with hydraulic traction. Each axle is driven by an independent 56 kW 80V electric motor. Powered by 2x1400 AH 80V batteries (Optional 3x1400 Ah available). Suitable for stop-start applications and for loading and unloading operations.


LOK 16.150 E

LOK 22.150 E


56.5” (1435 mm)

56.5” (1435 mm)


255.9” x 98.4” x 133.4”  (6500 x 2500 x 3390 mm)

275.6” x 98.4” x 142.9” (7000 x 2500 x 3630 mm)

MAX DRAWBAR PULL (Tractive Effort):

35,900 lbf. (160 kN)

40,465 lbf. (180 kN)


63,900 lbs. (32 US t)

88,185 lbs.  (44 US t)


3.7 mph / 9.9 mph

3.1 mph / 9.3 mph




  • 80V 1395Ah x 3 (40 cells - 2V per cell)
  • On board battery charger with UL/CSA certified plug 

           - 80V 125A x 3

  • Centralized battery filling system with visual floater indicating battery fluid level
  • Typical battery recharging time:  Approximately 8 hrs with 480V power source

Cabin and Driver Seat

  • Steel cabin with side doors; driver and passenger seat.

  • Adjustable driver seat with safety belt

  • Cabin heater with temperature control dial

Rail & Rode Mode Performances

  • Motor - 50kW x 2 - 80V - AC Brushless motors
  • Hydraulic power steering type on front wheels / pump motor
  • Suspension front and rear with semi-elliptic 4” wide leaf springs
  • Front and rear heavy duty railway axle with hydraulic pump motor 3kW


  • Operator remote control (Hetronic)

  • Additional coupler types based on customer requirements

  • Hydraulic or manual slide for coupler height adjustment

  • Different rail gauges available

  • Rail track short-circuiting signaling system

  • Photocell safety barrier - automatically stops machine in defined positions

  • Distance proximity sensors with acoustic function (Rail mode)

  • Additional LED working lights

  • Air conditioning system

  • Arctic pack for cold environment

  • Air Blade system

  • On-board generator

  • Cameras and full-color display for easily positioning the machine on rail

On-board Transformer & Chargers

  • On-board charger for each battery; eliminates need for free-standing charger installations.

Safety Devices

  • Equipped with red and white directional movement signaling lights during rail mode

  • Horn

  • Orange beacon light

  • Exterior emergency stop buttons

  • Hand brake activation in case of low oil pressure in the braking system

  • Emergency braking system in case of failure

  • Safety system to prevent sudden direction change during operation

  • Safety system to prevent unit from switching on during recharge

Machine Brakes

Road & Rail Mode

  • Fully proportional hydraulic powerbrake system
  • Parking/Emergency brake mechanical type with negative acting antagonist spring, working on an independent disc assembled on the transmission.

Train Air Brake System

  • Pneumatic braking system with a 54 CFM compressor with electric motor

Lift Points

  • Equipped with four RUD lifting eyes for transport. Each changes color when exposed to excessive stresses.

Instrument Panel

  • Digital full-color touch screen display


  • Heavy-duty, spring-loaded, AAR type couplers with remote release; front and rear


  • LED headlights, tail lights, step lights and work lights

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