Captain 4000

Thern® Captain 4000 Davit Crane

The 5FT40 Captain Series stationary davit crane is designed for heavy loads up to 5,500 pounds (2,500 kg) and extended reach (ten feet). It also features a maximum hook height of 12 feet. The integral slewing drive withstands large axial, radial, and moment loads while allowing 360 degrees of smooth and easy rotation. A screw jack comes standard for boom angle adjustments. To ease operation and speed productivity, specify an optional power winch or the optional hydraulic boom angle adjustment—or both! Stainless-steel hardware and corrosion-resistant finishes, including an epoxy-based safety-yellow, resist wear in harsh environments. The 5FT40 is perfect for wind energy, marine, construction, water/wastewater, and oil and gas applications.

Quick Facts

  • Massive Lifting Power up to 5,500 pounds (2,500 kg)
  • Manual, Drill-Drive, Electric, Hydraulic, or Pneumatic Operation
  • New Integral Slewing Drive Allows 360º of Smooth and Easy Rotation
  • Available in Three Finishes
  • Optional Hydraulic Boom Adjustment Package
  • Industry-Leading Warranty

360° Rotation & Flexible Operation

  • Standard with manually operated slewing drive enhances smooth, 360-degree mast rotation under extreme loads for precise load placement

  • Standard screw jack for easy boom angle adjustment

  • Optional hydraulic boom adjustment package (includes cylinder, hand pump, and control valve) for boom angle adjustments while under load (5FT40H)

Durable Construction & Finish

  • Boom, mast, and base are fabricated from heavy-duty steel that limits deflection and meets ASTM standards
  • Corrosion-resistant finishes and stainless-steel fasteners resist the elements and harsh environments for long service life
  • Standard red-enamel finish, optional galvanized, or epoxy (gray, safety-yellow, or custom-color) finishes are available

Crane Features & Configurations

  • Telescoping boom and adjustable boom angles accommodate a variety of applications

  • Choose from manual, drill-drive, or powered winch (electric, pneumatic, or hydraulic motors) operation to accommodate a variety of light or heavy loads and speeds. DC motors and various voltage AC motors available

  • Standard recommended rope size is 3/8–1/2 inch based on your lifting requirements

  • Configurable to meet European CE and ATEX standards




5FT40-M1 Red-enamel crane and ratchet jack with M452B-K spur gear hand winch 5,500 lbs / 2,500 kg
5FT40-M2 Red-enamel crane with 2W40V-BM-K worm gear hand winch and ratchet jack 5,500 lbs / 2,500 kg
5FT40X-M2X Gray-epoxy crane with 2W40VEGRA-BMX-K worm spur gear hand winch and ratchet jack 5,500 lbs / 2,500 kg
5FT40-E2 Red-enamel crane with 3WG4B-K electric winch and ratchet jack 5,500 lbs / 2,500 kg
5FT40X-E2X Gray-epoxy crane with 3WG4B-KX electric winch and ratchet jack 5,500 lbs / 2,500 kg
5FT40-E3 4HWF6M electric winch—*see product sheet for winch options* 5,500 lbs / 2,500 kg
5FT40X-E3 Gray-epoxy 4HW6M electric winch—*see product sheet for winch options* 5,500 lbs / 2,500 kg



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