Helical Spur (HS) Series


up to 26,000 lbs /  11,790 kg capacity

Thern’s Helical Spur Series provides a low-cost, flexible, clutch option, good for pulling in a wide variety of situations and environments. If you have a pulling application that requires a clutch for paying out line, our 4HS model hits the mark every time. The 4HS Series has a 5,000 to 26,000 lb. capacity and feature dual-stage gear reduction for economical handling of large loads and are ideal for applications requiring long travel distances and faster line speeds. Thern’s modular design means we can quickly customize these winches to meet your specific requirements.


Flange Mounted Premium Motor & Enclosure

  • Energy efficient 230/460 volt, reversible, three-phase, industrial-grade motor, endures continuous operation
  • Totally enclosed, fan cooled (TEFC) design, featuring IP55 and F-class insulation, resists debris and contamination for long service life
  • Standard motors comply with industry standards: UL, CSA, IEC, and NEMA MG1

Durable Gears & Gearbox Design

  • Heavy-duty spur gears, providing secondary reduction, allow fast line speeds and long travel distances. Grease zerks provide easy lubrication and maintenance
  • Large-capacity bearings, enhance smooth operation and durability
  • Sealed, cast-iron gearbox with integral oil-bath for rotating gears dissipates heat and provides continuous lubrication for enhance service life
  • Primary speed reducers meet AGMA and/or DIN standards

Integral Drum & Shaft Design

  • Large-diameter, welded-steel drum, featuring outside flange, anchors, promotoes uniform winding and life of wire rope
  • Anchors allow cable to be over or under wound and provides multiple drum exit angles
  • Flange-style, self-aligning roller bearings with cast-iron housing maintain smooth drum rotation
  • Continuous, solid-steel drum shaft and steel frame provide optimal strength and security
  • Complete wire rope assemblies available upon request




Load Rating Power Supply Line Speed Range Drum Capacity Clutch
4HS6M 6,600 lbs 2 - 7.5 hp 13 - 39 fpm 850 ft YES
4HS11M 11,000 lbs 5 - 10 hp 15 - 27 fpm 1,170 ft YES
4HS16M 16,100 lbs 5 - 15 hp 11 - 37 fpm 1,530 ft YES
4HS26M 26,000 lbs 10 - 20 hp 13 - 29 fpm 1,070 ft YES




Load Rating Power Supply Line Speed Range Drum Capacity Clutch
4HS6M 2,290 kg 1.5 - 5.5 kW 3 - 11 mpm 259 m YES
4HS11M 4,985 kg 3.7 - 7.5 kW 4 - 8 mpm 356 m YES
4HS16M 7,300 kg 3.7 - 11 kW 3 - 11 mpm 466 m YES
4HS26M 11,790 kg 7.5 - 15 kW 3 - 8 mpm 326 m YES


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