G - Helical Industrial Gearbox

This product takes advantage of our many years of accumulated design expertise together with the use of high quality materials and components, and has the following features & benefits:

  • Case hardened and ground helical gears, and hard finished spiral bevel gears have optimised gear geometry to maximise strength and efficiency, and to minimise noise and vibration.
  • Horizontal split case design for ease of maintenance.
  • Large diameter output shaft and bearings to maximize overhung load capacity.
  • Innovative modular construction has minimised part count to maximise availability of product.


Features Benefits
Lip, Labyrinth and Face Seal on input, Lip Seal and Labyrinth on output shaft Better sealing for harsher environments
Vertical units have a Drywell sealing arrangement No head of oil resting on the output seal
Spherical roller bearings throughout (tapers roller bearings on bevel pinion shaft) Provides longer life
Large diameter output shaft, higher over hung loads Best option for stirrer applications
Hollow bore and shrink disc options gives versatility in mounting Hollow bore reduces alignment issues
External hold back, allows for inspection Reduced down time
Atex compliant Can be supplied against Group 2 or 3 for surface industries in designated Hazardous locations, Zones 1 and 2 for gases, vapours and mists and Zones 21 and 22 for dust.




Type File Size
Catalogue   Series G Industrial Reducer   1.54 Mb   View   Download
Catalogue   Series G Industrial Reducer - Inch   1.38 Mb   View   Download
Installation, Operations and Maintenance Manual   Series G Industrial Reducer IOM   1.04 Mb   View   Download
Brochure   Radicon Products   1.26 Mb   View   Download

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