WCSB Combination Brake


Engineered to excel in heavy-duty braking and tensioning applications, Eaton Airflex WCSB brakes are air-applied, water- and air-cooled, multiple-disc brakes. With greater braking and tensioning control, Eaton Airflex WCSB elements are perfect for drawworks, mooring systems, log yarders and other heavy-duty equipment.


  • The WCB element features dynamic tensioning, static holding and emergency stopping which are provided by one brake removing the need for multiple braking systems

  • The WCB element also features a specially formulated friction material, interfacing with a copper alloy surface which eliminates the stick-slip characteristics associated with the ordinary frictional devices.

  • Torque Capacities Up To: 5,058,625 lb·in, 571.119 N·m

  • Thermal Capacities Up To: 3,900 HP, 2.908 kW

  • Typical Applications: Drawworks, mooring systems, log yarders

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Installation, Operations and Maintenance Manual   WCSB Tensioner    3.84 Mb   View   Download
Installation, Operations and Maintenance Manual   WCSB Tensioner w/ ORB Fittings   3.76 Mb   View   Download

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