Ball Screw Brakes


Tracing its roots back to 1902, Nexen's long history of innovation and quality show a legacy of advancing the motion control industry through its commitment to product development. Continually testing and improving products as well as developing new technology, Nexen's contribution to the industry is now illustrated in the expanded Eclipse® line of ball screw brakes. Nexen offers an off-the-shelf braking solution for any ball screw application. These spring-engaged, air released brakes eliminate the performance problems associated with electrical brakes for consistent, long lasting performance.

Ball Screw brakes provide reliable holding in a compact package. During a power loss the motor has no holding torque allowing the ball screw to back drive and the load to drop. Ball screw brakes connect to the machined end of the ball screw to prevent back driving, load drops and equipment damage during a power loss. Holding force up to 125 Nm (1100 in-lbs.)

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