Spring Applied DBBS Brake


Airflex DBBS disc style brakes are spring-applied and air or hydraulically released.  The DBBS style is offered in applications requiring higher speed operation or where precise balance of the rotating components is required.  Their torque capacities and heat dissipation characteristics make them ideal of high speed, non-cyclical applications.  Equal torque is developed in either direction of rotation.


  • Static torque capacities up to 5,578,000 lb•in (630,282 N•m) equalize torque in either direction of rotation

  • Available in a wide range of standard sizes: 120DBBS, 220DBBS, 320DBBS, 420DBBS, 125DBBS, 225DBBS, 325DBBS, 425DBBS, 138DBBS, 238DBBS, 338DBBS, 438DBBS 150DBBS, 250DBBS, 350DBBS, 450DBBS

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Installation, Operations and Maintenance Manual   DBBS Brake   1.02 Mb   View   Download
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