VKSD Series


The Twiflex VKSD disc brake caliper is comprised of two halves, or spring modules, and is suitable for use with a minimum disc thickness of 20mm. The modules are mounted each side of a central mounting plate 12mm thicker than the brake disc. Minimum disc diameter is 1000mm.

Normally one or two calipers are used per disc, but the number may be increased depending on disc size. The brakes may be positioned at any angle around the periphery of the disc, but should ideally be mounted horizontally (i.e. at the 3 o’clock or 9 o’clock position). A range of brake discs is available from Twiflex.

Also in this series is the VKSD-FL, this disc brake caliper comprises a single spring module forming the ‘active’ side of this floating unit and is available for use where space is limited or to accommodate axial disc float of ±6mm.

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