Torque Limiting Coupling

Airflex Torque Limiting Couplings (TLC) are the latest solution for driveline control and protection. Designed to withstand the torque spikes found in the most demanding applications of Variable Frequency Drives, with a reputation of best in class reliability and quality, Airflex TLCs are next evolution of driveline safety.

By increasing torque by 25% and providing an automatic slip detection system, the Airflex TLC decreases maintenance costs and downtime through automatic reset and re-engage, automatic wear compensation, safeguarding of expensive driveline components by utilizing an electronic slip detection system and easy torque adjustments during operation.  The Airflex TLC is a superior alternative to traditional mechanical TLCs due to the ease of operation and the electronic and automatic protection of the driveline.


  • Overload or "slip torque" is easily adjustable by varying the applied air pressure
  • Adjustable Slip Detection Control detects overload conditions while in operation
  • Reset is instantaneous and automatic by re-applying the predetermined air pressure
  • Torque settings constant throughout the service life with no manual adjustment
  • Available single wide sizes: 51TLC1600, 60TLC1600, 66TLC1600, 76TLC1600 and 76TLC2000
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